Client Testimonials


We care what our clients think

Gerald Richardson, 82

“Following retirement from a successful business career I had difficulties with worsening physical and cognitive disabilities related to aging. Their staff provided medical liaison services that helped me to recognize and begin to cope with these problems. Beyond that, over a period of 6 months they have helped me to restructure my life and to regain enthusiasm for independent living. Their caregivers are quality people which is quite refreshing. Viva Clover!”



Robert and Janet Groover


“Our personal caregivers from Clover are caring and compassionate and take care of all our needs including doing laundry once a week. Carrie, our RN, has expert nursing assessment skills and care including management of our medications. Because of Clover and the services they provide, we are able to remain in our home and maintain as much independence as possible. Thank you to Clover and all of their staff.” 



Chris & Sharon Rothenberger

“After our father started to struggle with daily living in his assisted living facility, it was clear he needed additional care handling the daily living chores that were beyond the scope his facility could provide. Having someone there to help him get up and ready for the day, remember to take his meds, helping to clean and dress and make sure he was getting to the dining room safely for meals were our main goals but Clover provided much more than we expected. Not only helping with bed clothes and laundry but light cleaning was provided and the communication with caregivers was exceptional. They even assisted getting him ready for bed safely in the evening and having someone there to have conversation with or available to attend doctor’s appointments was a great help.

Everyone from caregivers to staff and scheduling went beyond our expectations to provide dad with the care and attention we desired and it was very apparent that Clover truly cares.”



A.J. Fry – William E. and Nancy C. Smith Farms

“The Clover team exceeded our high expectations of caregivers. The staff worked together with the family to make sure that our loved one received the personal care he deserved. Over a period of almost 2 years, Clover worked tirelessly to ensure that we had consistent coverage from caregivers who were compassionate and attentive. They managed to put together a team that became almost like family. I am extremely grateful that Clover became part of our care plan. I’m not sure how we would have done it without them.”